November 30, 2011

yayy acoustic demo

I've been in a weird musical mood today. yesterday and today was dedicated to my first attempting at telling a sad story within a song. its done and theres a shitty acoustic demo of a newly born song called thomas (meant for the full band but i just had to give you a tease)
Thomas (Extremely Rough Acoustic Demo) by weareyourstruly
one thing i did notice though was that the emotional numbness i used in order to place myself in the singing perspective of a broken individual cause my electro music addiction to flare up madly. Here are my jams for today, highlighted with this beautiful ellie goulding remix by up and coming duo lightsoverLA.

Space Laces = Psychopath. i could picture myself getting along with him.

not a day goes by where i dont listen to this song

Sincerely, Caleb

November 28, 2011

No One Enjoys Being Analy Fucked....

So today ASB decided to shove a metaphorical penis up our anus's today, hate to say it but it was true. Shows at schools usually lead to some kind of Sodomy, but well get them back. Anyways... yours truly will be bringing some new eargasim shiz to the table soon, gunna be raging. Finals will hopefully be on the horizon and we expect to see our thousands of beautiful fans attending!
Peace out yo
-Dean Bean the dancing machine

this is a figure of speech and if you do enjoy being anally fucked please do not be offended by my associates lack of consideration towards your kind. and seriously asb get ready for hell cause im gonna go deer man of the dark woods on your asses.
sincerely, xCalebx

November 27, 2011

LCC? Uhh...

So, I guess we are playing durning lunch tomorrow Nov, 28, at La Costa Canyon High School...


-Muark Hilton

tease tease tease

sooo ya mongo invested in an akai mp26 midi control pad a while ago so we could pursue a more electronic spectrum of our music, or just incorporate cool sounds in general with a convenient interface. we straight up forgot about this early jam we did the first day he had it until our awesome friend tommy grom showed us this video he took one day. expect this jam to turn into a full song ASAP boys and girls

Your Truly % Jammin from tommy wehsener on Vimeo.

November 23, 2011

Thanks Giving, It doesn't even matter

So, This week is thanks Giving break and none of us really care. All we know is that everyday seems to feel like sunday and everynight feels like saturday. It's a good way to live if you ask Yours Truly...

5 Tips to having a Dinner to remember:

Thanks Giving means extended family.
To avoid those fuckheads that you can give two fucks about, try these simple steps...

1) Before people start to arrive, Go up to your mom and dads closet and take whatever pills you can find. (Don't worry about the lable just partake)

2) That Wine that is sitting up on the table. Walk by, grab it and put it under your shirt (You can't hesitate or you will be fucked) bring that bottle of wine into the bathroom and LOCk the door. You have about Five minutes to be in there before things start looking suspicious, So, get to work.

3) If you just want to kill yourself becuase your relitives are so fucking fucked, I suggest Rat Poison. Although it may take a little longer than hanging yourself, but hey, You won't feel anything. I think...

4) Pretend to be sick. Your Parents will be so caught up in the family bullshit that they will act nice and sweet. They will most likely tell you to relax witch gives you the chance to leave the and go down the street to train slappies.

5) Burn the fucking house down...

Great tips for a great Thanks Giving.

I'm Out,
- mOnGO